Dinner, but better

Cook Like Dewakan Food Kit

Going beyond recipes, experience Dewakan in a way it has never been before; at home! We want to make cooking fun and interesting for you.

Cook. Love. Tag #dewakanplatechallenge

What’s inside our
Cook Like Dewakan Food Kit

  1. Chef-crafted delicious meals inspired by what we do here at Dewakan.
  2. Prepared food in just the right portions to set you up for a meal - fuss free. Follow our directions to cook and present them.
  3. We use the same quality ingredients from all our friends that supply Dewakan.

Here's how it works

  1. Discover our weekly meal sets and choose from a variety of uniquely Dewakan sides and condiments.
  2. Hang on to receive our perfectly portioned pre-cooked packets delivered to you.
  3. Finish off cooking your meals and presenting them at home like Dewakan with our video tutorials and instruction cards.